What You Need to Know About the One Who Founded Bitcoin

Bitcoin Founder

The mysteries regarding Bitcoin’s founder have always led towards the path of rumours and other related aspects. People are confused about the same and how misinformation is being spread in the name of an individual who founded Bitcoin. Due to that, people need to understand the truth of the matter and acknowledge the existence of the limited set of facts that are available in the domain. So to help you get started on this front, here’s what you need to know.

The Mysterious Founder

Satoshi Nakamoto is an alias used by the person who created Bitcoin as a move to cover their true identity. So far, the claim states that the man is from Japan and that he was born on April 5, 1975. But all such information is being explored further to examine the nature of truth and whether or not one can believe it. Since Satoshi is a Japanese boy’s name, it is easy to relate things to Japan and get it all going. Moreover, Satoshi also means ‘one with wise ancestry,” and the individual is presumed to be male.

He was the first to solve the many problems of a decentralized digital currency and how people used financial resources that were available to them. Thanks to this unique form of achievement, the world got to know about Bitcoin, and the rest is history. Due to all that, it is quite strange that a man known for such achievements would cover his identity and not reveal himself.

Efforts to Showcase the Real Satoshi Nakamoto

Efforts to Showcase the Real Satoshi Nakamoto

With the kind of information that was being spread about the founder, media outlets realized the need for valid information. Their efforts into the matter carried on for years, and things bore fruit in March 2014. Newsweek Magazine revealed that Bitcoin’s founder was Dorian Nakamoto, and people now associate him with the man in charge of leading the Bitcoin revolution. Although the discovery was vital, Newsweek Magazine did create a media frenzy around Dorian and disrupted his personal space.

In order to support their claims, the magazine cited facts about Dorian being born with the name of Satoshi, being trained as a physicist at Cal Poly University, being worked as a systems engineer for technology on specific (classified) projects, and finally being a computer engineer for technology and financial information. Moreover, it was also revealed that Satoshi had libertarian tendencies as he encouraged his daughter to have a business, not under the reach of the government.


While more information about the founder of Bitcoin is available on the internet, the points mentioned above were the ones that created the most impact. Hence, those were the aspects that you need to know about Bitcoin’s founder.

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