Important Cryptocurrencies That Aren’t Bitcoin


We have all heard about the value of Bitcoin and how it stands to be on the top. By all means, the currency deserves the top spot, and investors need to use all that they find. But there are other cryptocurrencies that should not be forgotten. While they might not bring about a value as equal as Bitcoin, they still hold an essential place in the market. So to acknowledge all that, here are important cryptocurrencies that aren’t Bitcoin.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum was popularly known as the first alternative to Bitcoin, and the currency did manage to attain some of that credibility by enabling Smart Contracts. Moreover, the inclusion of Decentralized Applications (DApps) made things better, and people were introduced to a whole different breed of investing. The different features and elements put forward by Ethereum did make sense for the larger picture, and everyone was able to benefit from the same. As a result, using Ethereum opens the door towards numerous opportunities.



Instant payments taking place on a real-time basis were the mark of Ripple, and it did create a significant change with it. The consensus ledge that it puts forward is unique, and it does not require mining. Thanks to all of that, Ripple has found success and its business model deserves a larger part of the credit. In current times, Ripple is an enticing digital currency that investors can look up to and gain returns that they need the most. So along with Etherum, Ripple also makes an impact, and we need to look further into the same.


Before Ether or Ethereum, the world only knew Litecoin, and it was making an impact for the better. Popularly known as the “lite” version, Litecoin’s model of success involves a different set of principles and aspects. While it may have started as an experiment, it ended up being a critical tool that one can use to their advantage. As a faster version of Bitcoin, Litecoin did make sense, and it provided opportunities that are worth exploring. So remember the name and go about making it all count.


Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin’s hard fork has always brought about changes, and one among those changes is called Bitcoin Cash. Yes, that’s right. Popularly known as a spinoff, Bitcoin Cash did attain some credibility as it went about making significant improvements that the market loved and took notice of. The platform that it created managed to turn things around, and everyone was able to feel the benefits that it started to provide. Hence, Bitcoin Cash opened its account in the market, and it is a significant cryptocurrency. On that note, we come to the end of important cryptocurrencies that aren’t Bitcoin.

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