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Bitcoin X is a cryptocurrency which can allow one to have a large database for all bitcoin exchanges.

Super Bitcoin

Another cryptocurrency which can easily be accessed through mining and allow you to understand the real-time market data.

Bitcoin Stake

Bitcoin stake is a swiss cryptocurrency which can allow one to ensure that one has the right proof of work than others.

2020 Crypto Market

2020 crypto market has shown promising results which can allow one to have access to blockchain for better access to the currencies allowing them to grow stronger.

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We have some of the best experts who can allow one to have access to information about the cryptocurrencies, which will allow you to have better investments.


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With the introduction of online forex trading options, one can have access to some of the best tools and analysis software which can guide you in the right direction. If you want to learn more about online forex trading, click here.

Why Trade Forex ?

Forex is essentially the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, which can allow one to have good investments where they can bring themselves to make a profit

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All You Need to Know About Forex Seminars and Workshops

Forex Seminars

Are you an aspiring forex trader? Having plans for making the best out of the market will require proper training and guidance on what the trade entails. A successful forex trader is the one who has gained enough knowledge about the working of the exchange. Understanding the markets is the most important stage in a beginner’s trading life. An educated trader can become successful only when he/she applies the techniques and exits the trade when the time is right. The best way to propel yourself into the world of forex is to learn about the basics and various layers through seminars and other online classes.


Being new to the market might put you in a position of oblivion, not knowing even how the seminars and workshops function. People from all over the world are interested in diving deeper into the forex market’s functioning, encouraging many of the webinar developers to add more content into their platform. You have various options for learning the forex market and its features. Let us have a short tour through the basics of forex seminars and workshops.


Forex Seminars and Workshops

Key market updates are delivered through such seminars and workshops to help users with their initial investments. It isn’t easy to pass each stage of your trade without the roots having a deep and firm foundation. This has led to the immense demand for more seminars all through the year, and also for webinars that train the aspiring traders. By attending these seminars, you are more likely to make more profits through trade. Educating yourself about any field will help you gain more skills to work towards getting it right and dashing to your destination. By signing up for seminars and workshops, you are opening up your avenues to gain education from acclaimed experts in the industry. As they guide you through the strategies of trading, you get an insight into the trading terminology, complex techniques, and risk management practices.



If you prefer the webinars, you could go for them because as the one-on-one feature for classes is available. That could provide you with opportunities to ask the leaders questions that baffle you about the trade. You are free to ask the same doubts in a regular seminar as well. But it would depend on which approach you prefer. The benefits of getting out of your comfort zone and attending the seminars are that you get to interact with more people and network with other traders in the market. You could create new acquaintances who can open up new opportunities for your trade. Apart from all these benefits, you will also be rewarded with special prizes and certificates depending on your performance throughout the seminar. Several seminars and workshops are being held all year round to serve you with the best notes for a successful trade. Register your seats once the bookings are open for the public so that you don’t lose the chance.

What is the best buy in Cryptocurrencies?


Cryptocurrency is a digital tender which works as a substitute to printed money in most online markets. It was developed in 2009 by the developer Satoshi Nakamoto which is his pseudonym. Bitcoins are stored in the digital platform using blockchain technology to make the whole process of mining and saving it safe.  The only issue which makes trading in bitcoin a bit unsafe is that it is not regulated by any central authority like the legal tender of countries, so the promise to pay the bearer the sum does not stand. During the early years, it was being used for gaming platforms and similar forums.


In a few years from its inception, the digital currency market saw a rise in the creation of new currencies with more than 6000 alternative currencies being developed in this short span of time. The whole world of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are run by the existing users who form a compact network. These users decide if there is a need to mine more bitcoin depending on the market, these digital currencies are highly encrypted which makes them safe to use as a viable trading option as compared to traditional currency.

traditional currency

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the most popular digital currency to be used for online transactions. It is based on a design which is pretty similar to that of the Bitcoin. Vitalik Buterin, a Russian-Canadian developer, programmed Ethereum in 2013 with help from crowdfunding. This open-source cryptocurrency was heavily mined in the next two years with more than 70 million coins minted.  It works on the decentralised feature of smart contacts which enables it to enhance safety, curb fraud and function without any external interference. Since ether has gained considerable popularity due to its safety features, it is used as a currency to buy and sell other digital currencies.


Ethereum is also dominating the cryptocurrency market after Bitcoin in terms of its market cap. It is essential to view Ethereum as a spectrum rather than once a single currency. In 2016 there was a cyber theft of ether amounting up to 50 million US dollars after which this cryptocurrency was split into two separate blockchains namely, Ethereum (ETH) which was a much safer version of the original and Ethereum Classic (ETC).  A report by the University of Cagliari, Italy stated that cybercriminals were using ether for online frauds and luring in investors for Ponzi schemes. Still, the number of these thefts was of an insignificant amount. Just like the stock market have Initial Public Offering (IPO), the cryptocurrency market has something similar, known as Initial Coin Offering (ICO). At the beginning of 2020, Ethereum was valued at a market cap of more than 15 billion US dollars.

Bitcoin Forks and Its History

Bitcoin Forks

Cryptocurrency did change the concept of currency without the chinking sounds or tangibility to assist the feeling of holding money. The screens display coins that are worth a few dollars and can be traded like other currencies. Bitcoin was the oldest cryptocurrency to have survived through a decade to stand strong even today. Many other altcoins came into existence after the launch of Bitcoin to set in a competition. Detractors have come into the picture too as the concept propagated itself into the public.


Technology backed the cryptocurrency to build several opportunities for a better insight into its working. One such innovation was the forks that multiplied over the years. Although many of them failed to impress the users, there are a few of them which continue to have trades happening. All crypto assets that are similar to Bitcoin in their appearance are called Bitcoin forks; same is the case with the altcoins. Let us have a look at Bitcoin forks and its history.

Soft Forks

Types of Bitcoin Fork

The two types of forks are soft forks and hard forks.


·         Soft Forks

It is essentially a change brought to the existing cryptocurrency protocol. A soft fork is known to be backwards compatible with nodes running old software, in which the nodes are servers or computers that record transactions or store the blockchain. You could consider a soft fork to be analogous to upgrading your phone’s operating system.


·         Hard Forks

Just like the terms soft and hard, the two types of forks are opposites. These, too, are changes brought to a cryptocurrency protocol with no feature of being backwards compatible. Updating all nodes into the new version is necessary; a split can occur if they don’t. All these stages of failure could lead to the generation of a new cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Cash was a hard fork that increased the size of blocks of bitcoin to 8 megabytes from 1 megabyte. This was done to solve the problem of scalability that Bitcoin faced, as the existing currency was not able to handle large amounts of transactions. The community of Bitcoin Core preferred smaller blocks making for its incompatibility with the change in Bitcoin Cash.

Hard Forks

As the original users of BTC split into two, there was a distinct boundary that separated them, which was the size of the blocks. The BTC users stuck to it for they wanted small blocks, whereas the people who shifted to BHC did so as they preferred bigger blocks.


History of Bitcoin Forks

The earlier mentioned fork, Bitcoin Cash was just one among the numerous Bitcoin forks that came into the market. Although the other forks couldn’t split BTC users into two, there were a few significant entries. One of the earlier Bitcoin hard forks to have been developed was Bitcoin XT, which started gaining popularity a few months after its launch in 2014. The other forks that followed Bitcoin XT were the Bitcoin Classic in 2015, Bitcoin Unlimited, Bitcoin Cash Fork, and Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork.

Top Cryptocurrencies to invest in

Cryptocurrencies To Invest

Cryptocurrencies have been a popular frenzy in the last decade with drastic booms and depressions in the market rates.  Cryptocurrencies came into existence in 2009 by a developer by who goes by the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, who created Bitcoin. Although American cryptographers had been working on electronic money since the early 1980s, yet Bitcoin was seen as a significant breakthrough in the world of digital currency. It is impossible to visualise Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency in a tangible sense as they only exist in the digital realm.


The whole idea of cryptocurrency is based on the feature of encryption, which helps move this digital currency safely and securely around multiple platforms. There is no central authority which regulates the mining and storage of these coins; it is governed by a consensus of existing users who decide if the market needs new coins or if the currency in regulation is sufficient or not. Being intangible and relatively technical, cryptocurrency has attracted the youth and the educated, but the majority of the population is still deprived of the world of digital currency. For them printed legal tender or using online banking once in a blue moon is the only advance transaction they are away of. Let us look at a few cryptocurrencies which can prove to be great investments in the future.


Ripple (XRP)

Ripple gained popularity as a digital currency which helped banks to engage in cross-border settlement of funds with high levels of transparency in real-time scenarios. It was launched in 2012 and is one of the pre-mined cryptocurrencies which means that all of the ripple coins were developed before its launch and had been regulating in the market, this can be seen as the defining feature of Ripple (XRP), differentiating it from other coins.  Ripple is ranked at the third position right after bitcoin and ether with a market cap of more than 9 billion US dollars.


Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin (LTC) came into light after its release in 2011 due to its structure and function being remarkably similar to Bitcoin itself. It was created by Charlie Lee as opensource software, under a licence provided by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Although being a spin-off of the original Bitcoin, Litecoin improved on processing speed and block structure, and it incorporated the password-based key mechanism, commonly known as script and included the PoW system (Proof of Work) which is a consensus mechanism and provides safety from fraud and cybercrime. Litecoin is a relatively new currency as compared to its competitors, Ether and Bitcoin, but is slowly moving up the scale. In the first month of 2020, Litecoin (LTC) reached a market cap of 3 billion US dollars.

Forex Seminars

Forex Workshops

Financial markets are available in plenty, and the interests of people change as time passes. Many investors who have been putting their money in stocks and other markets have always overlooked the potential of forex trading. While some of them were cynical about the market’s future, others were content with the investments they had at that moment. The outlook of these people towards forex trading changed over the years as its popularity grew all across the globe.


More investors are coming upfront to put their money in this lucrative business. But making these investments aren’t as easy as you think; learning the rules and basics is imperative. This has led to the demand for online classes and seminars that can guide the aspirants through the right path of investments. Such classes have made forex trading lucrative for the groups that conduct them. Every aspiring investor steered clear of forex trading because they were constantly being fed with the misconceptions of a successful trader having to be a math genius with unmatchable wits to tackle through the challenging situations. Although it is undeniable that you need adequate skills for the trade, it isn’t something that you cannot learn over time. People of any age can get their competency refined with the several seminars being held every year. Let us have a closer look at forex seminars.


How to Attend Forex Seminars?

Forex trading may appear to be daunting in the initial stages, but it can surely be cracked with the right guidance. Professionals who have spent years researching on the forex market make such seminars possible, and they even build their empire by developing online platforms for a wider reach. Several webinars are available for forex trading as well, which you can access any time of the year, whereas the other forms of seminars are held during the times that have been already announced. To attend a webinar, you would only need to sign up for a free package on any platform. Check if these websites are authentic and trustworthy so that you don’t ruin your learning process.


Once you have signed up by entering the basic details, attend the free seminars and see how it works out for you. They might cover the basics of forex trading and take you for a short tour through the strategies and advanced techniques. Not all platforms might offer you one-on-one coaching, but it is best that you look for this before signing up. There are benefits to both group and individual classes. When you are in for a seminar with many other students, you get to learn the ideas and approach of those people as well, whereas if you go for the one-on-one class, you could have a more focused training with the scope for clearing all the hazy sides of it in the process. It is up to you on what to select.


Seminars in 2020

Apart from the webinars for forex trading, seminars are held in different parts of the world. Here are some of the seminars that are about to be conducted in 2020:

  • MENA Financial Forum & Expo in Dubai
  • The London/Leeds Investor Show in North England and London
  • iFX EXPO International in Asian countries
  • China Forex Expo
  • World Forex Expo in Bangkok, Moscow and Kiev, and Makati.
  • ShoFx World Financial Conference in Moscow, Singapore, Bratislava, Almaty, and Kiev
  • ShowFX Asia in Singapore
  • Master Investor in the UK
  • XM International Forex Seminars in Dubai, Bangkok, Athens, Budapest, and Venice
  • IG Market Seminars in London

List of Upcoming Crypto Forks to Watch Out for

Upcoming Crypto

Currency is the processed paper that increases in value as the numbers printed on them multiplies. The concept has changed over the years from that engraved coins to paper to the digital currencies. It has been more than a decade since the first cryptocurrency came into existence. Bitcoin propagated the idea at a rather slow pace, but it surely did conquer the hearts of many finance mongers. Nothing has stopped its growth since then, with only more innovations coming to enhance the experience of dealing with digital currency.


From robotic exchanges that can guide the traders with making decisions that aren’t mixed with emotions, cryptocurrency has had several technologies backing its fundamental structure to stand strong through the waves of volatility. One such technology that has contributed to the development of the industry is the creation of forks for cryptos. Let us have a look at what forks are and which ones are worth looking forward to for its value.


 Crypto Forks

In simple terms, forks can be defined as the copy created for a blockchain code with few tweaks to it. There would be a group of experts working to bring about these changes to the existing coins. The major reasons for the change are the demand for improvements to the current structure of currency and the hacking of the previous blockchain.


Soft fork and hard fork are the two types of blockchain forks that are being used today. When the work is to be done for a soft fork, only small changes need to be made to the blockchain. Since old transactions are invalid and new ones are required, a soft fork is known as ‘backwards-compatible.’ Soft forks can be successful only by earning the majority consensus. Hard forks are simply new blockchains for crypto which would be fundamentally different from the already existing one. Anybody can make hard forks for cryptocurrencies since they are open sources where viewing and copying the code is straightforward.

Forks to Look

Upcoming Forks to Look for

Several forks have been created in the past, but only some of them have remained to make an impact. Many of the Bitcoin forks fall into oblivion in time, creating a demand for more. Every year stands witness to the launch of such forks that come with expectations to change the face of crypto. Bitcoin and altcoin forks are plenty in number even today, with many of them being in a dormant state. Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV are the two forks of Bitcoin that have been successful in the market. So, you must make sure no to go the way of these previous forks that have been unsuccessful. The upcoming forks that are worth looking for are:


  • Super Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin Gold
  • Bitcoin Private

Top 5 Facts About Bitcoin

Bitcoin Facts

After the launch of Bitcoin in 2008, there were several entries into the market; they were grouped to be called altcoins. The value of all these coins have surged over the years, and it was Bitcoin that held the top position always. It is undeniable that the pioneer did make an impression in the users, which made them steadfast by always having a few Bitcoins in store. They trust in the currency so much so that they keep investing in it even when the value goes down to unprecedented levels. But you must make sure that you make the right decisions when investing in Bitcoins, or any cryptocurrency since they are volatile.


The investments you make expecting a certain amount as return could end up in losses if you do it mindlessly. Keeping track of the value of Bitcoin and the market conditions is vital in earning some money out of the investments. Bitcoin is one asset that has witnessed a lot of rises and falls over the last decade. So, if you are new to the market, you need to have an idea about how the cryptocurrency industry works. Let us have a look at a few fascinating facts about Bitcoin.


1.      Launch of Bitcoin

It was in 2008 that the first concepts of Bitcoin were launched. Satoshi Nakamoto was the person who developed the Bitcoin as a payment method based on mathematics. The name Satoshi Nakamoto remains a mystery to date, with several assumptions surrounding it. Some people believe it to be a group of developers, whereas many others consider the name to be of a math genius.


2.      Volatility Is the Most Significant Feature

What most people might know about Bitcoin or altcoins is that they are volatile. The market conditions determine the value of the Bitcoin, which could change overnight; it could be for the best or the worst.


3.      Structure of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a form of currency that functions with a blockchain to store all the data regarding the transactions. The assets are built on a peer-to-peer, distributed network, making the related activities to be validated by the members in the mass collaboration. This group would include miners, investors, core developers, and merchants; they work to activate the system with their collective interests.


4.      Currency or Commodity

People are still confused whether Bitcoin is a commodity or currency since they are said to be used for various purposes. Bitcoin can, indeed, be considered as both since it can be used to buy even a pizza and stored as an asset. Although it plays the role of currency this way, the IRS and SEC like to look onto it as a commodity.


5.      Make Money from Mining

You are not limited to buying and selling of Bitcoin to make money. Try mining the coins to make a living, where you would only need to record the transactions and assign them to individual blocks using mathematical coding. Bitcoin graphics cards are also being sold by many people to make money apart from what they make from mining.

2020 prediction for Crypto market


After the inception of Bitcoin in 2009, the cryptocurrency market came into existence as a platform for trading in currencies and trading with currencies. After a decade of severe fluctuations, cryptocurrencies have come up to several more than 2500 different coins, floating in the market. The digital currency market is known for its unstable attitude towards investors. Given the low number of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), one must be aware of what creates these fluctuations in this industry. Similar to other trading platforms like stock markets and foreign exchange, investing in cryptocurrency is directly proportional to its return on investment.

It is important to understand and research on the future of the currency, which might cause its value to rise and vice versa.  Cryptocurrencies are no different from other trading options, and they are equally prone to market crashes, low purchasing power and natural calamities. All of us remember that Bitcoin, which was rising consistently performed a straight nosedive, depreciating by 50% and leaving its investors completely abandoned.  Crypto startups are emerging all over the world, and partnering with bigger giants who are funding them, the biggest challenge for these companies is t make the customers aware about cryptocurrencies and their market.


We all know that the Coronavirus pandemic has significantly slowed down all the financial markets, and cryptocurrency is no exception, but there’s always a silver lining to a dark cloud. Since the governments have imposed bans of international trade and travel is somewhat restricted, to ease the situation, they have come up with economic policies which might save the economy from sinking. These policies include loan waivers, subsidiaries on necessity goods, help to the manufacturing sector and low-interest rates, around the world.  This news might be beneficial to those who are planning to put their money in the cryptocurrency market.




The biggest advantage of investing in Bitcoin is coming from the People’s Republic of China, as they have made a decision to incorporate the blockchain technology into their everyday activities. This will create an upsurge in the value of Bitcoin and other popular coins. Facebook’s Libra is going to be launched in 2020, this might take the market by storm and increase the demand for digital currencies, or it might wreck the entire market. Still, when such big players enter a market, they create significant fluctuations, either positive or negative. Bitcoin, which is the most significant player in this market is going scarce by the minute, after reaching an all-time high in the winter of 2017 it is estimated that bitcoin will break all previous ceilings and might trade at one million US dollars by the end of 2020 only if it maintains a steady pace and hits a twenty thousand mark by the end of the first quarter.

Cryptocurrency forks to expect in 2020


The cryptocurrency market came into existence after the developmental Bitcoin by programmer Satoshi Nakamoto (pseudonym) in 2009. This resulted in the birth of a new trading platform which was earlier dominated by forex and stock markets.  Within a few years, more than 5000 different currencies were floating in the cryptocurrency market. As of now, there are more than 2000 active currencies available for trading and making transactions possible. Bigger giants like Visa are investing in crypto startups which have given high hopes to new investors. The biggest problem with the cryptocurrency market is that it has not reached the common man. Understanding and trading in Bitcoin require a decent amount of technical knowledge to know what a cryptocurrency is and how does the blockchain technology work.


Although there has a significant rise in the number of traders and investors, it still lacks what the printed legal tender has to offer. The intangible nature of cryptocurrency has made it a trading tool of the future. Given this state of misinformation, even people in the industry are not familiar with the jargons and terms of this market and such a common lingo is ‘fork’. A fork in the cryptocurrency market is a technological update of the software regulating a network formed by a consensus of existing users. In simple words, alternatives or altcoins of an existing coin is referred to as a fork.


The most significant player in this market, Bitcoin saw the release of a hard fork recently by the name of Bitcoin Cash which was developed as a rip off from the structure of Bitcoin Classic. It is essential that we see each of these coins in a spectrum rather than individual coins. For example, Bitcoin will be one singular spectrum, while Ethereum and its altcoins will constitute an entirely different spectrum.


Ethereum came up with a much-awaited hard fork in the first few days of January 2020, Muir Glacier. More than 90 per cent of Ethereum’s users were included in this new fork. This update increases the delay time, diffusing the chances of accommodating fewer transactions in a block, this will also reduce the charges of making transactions and the cost of fitting these transactions in each secured block. The reason behind this is that as the time of these blocks increases the value of accommodation also skyrockets with reducing the creation of blocks per day. These actions were taken under the Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) to make sure that the difficulty bomb does not go off. This update was under construction for quite some time now, and Ethereum successfully mined the block in the first week of January 2020.


Trading Forex with Bitcoin: How Does It Work?

Trading Forex with Bitcoin: How Does It Work?

Bitcoin is now considered as one of the best investments by many people for the profits it can bring with its highly volatile nature. The evolution of this speculative asset was impressive, and it has become a way of symbolizing money, and all this happened within a decade. The weakness in the fiat currencies and global uncertainties could be hedged against by the Bitcoin, making it a wise investment plan. It is pegged to the U.S dollar like forex but is much more volatile than the foreign exchange.
Bitcoin is not a universally recognized currency like the U.S dollar, Euro, or the Chinese yuan for it is simply a digital float exchange that has witnessed attack and backlash for the unconventional concept. The experts say that it is unlike the forex market since it does not trade actual currencies for a certain amount. Regulators consider Bitcoin as a depreciable asset rather than a currency. With the introduction of these assets, people from different parts of the trade cryptocurrencies for the current value it holds. This multi-billion industry has a few links with the forex market now, which many brokers are promoting for it is profitable. Several forex brokers are permitting the use of Bitcoin in their trade, but you must know what happens within the forex trade with Bitcoin. Let us have a look at how trading forex with Bitcoin works.

Forex Trading with Bitcoin

The value of both digital and paper currencies depends on the global demand and supply, which means that as the demand increases, the price also increases, and vice versa. But Bitcoin is never affected by the central bank uncertainties because they aren’t linked. The forex market has its roots in the economic conditions and decisions of every nation, whereas Bitcoin has its links to the basic functioning of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


Forex trading is similar to that of trading with Bitcoin, but the area where both these differ fundamentally is the actual currency for which each of them is being traded. The traders can boost the leverage of the trade through paper contracts and derivatives. Bitcoin has a trivial amount of derivative work when compared to the currency market, which has many over-the-counter contracts. Creation of new contracts and the purchase of Bitcoin by investors are permitted by many brokers now. But most of the forex trade happening that way these days are done with the speculation on better prices of Bitcoin.

Forex Trading with Bitcoin

Several forex brokers are promoting the action of depositing, trading, and withdrawing through a bitcoin-based account. Many of these brokers also suggest the traders check through their policies where it clearly states that they can incorporate Bitcoin into their platforms that are not BTC-based initially. This would limit their possibilities for profit since the traders are not allowed to explore the broad avenues. They are, indeed, constrained to the possibility of only buying and selling Bitcoin through the existing exchanges. Traders should look into the risks that every cryptocurrency holds, and then decide if that speculation is the right call for them.

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